20 things I learnt in my TWENTIES

Gosh but the twenties are good! You fall in and out of love, you are ridiculous and silly, but the twenties are definitely the fearless years of your life. It’s often in this space that you accumulate the funny stories that will be passed down from generation to generation. I absolutely loved my twenties but there’s a vast difference between early twenties and late twenties. Here’s what I learnt through it all.

1. Good things will manifest into more good things

Positive input feels good. If we think positive thoughts and act on them, it will almost always manifest into more good. It works the same for negative thoughts. We are sort of the captain of our own ship, constantly choosing which way to steer our ship.

2. If you are not trying to better yourself, you are not trying hard enough

Find something to improve on. Anything. It may not be easy at times but it’s important to keep trotting forward. The definition of insanity is doing the SAME thing again and expecting a different result.

3. Hush!

It is not necessary to always have something to say. Sometimes you may receive unsolicited advice. Just smile. People only mean well.

4. Have uncomfortable conversations

Vital skills are learnt through having uncomfortable conversations about debatable topics such as politics, religion and race. Learning skills to express yourself in a respectful way is part of this journey called life.

5. Be your own best friend

Spend time alone. Stick to the commitments you make to yourself. Be kind to yourself and watch your self-esteem receive a solid boost.

6. Retail therapy is temporary

Find healthier, long-term solutions to release frustration. I started running.

7. The grass isn’t always greener

It’s a matter of perspective. Everyone will always tell you how great life is. The nitty-gritty doesn’t come easily for others. We are exposed to these Instagram-perfect lives, but I have learnt that the behind the scenes is sometimes everything but perfect.

8. Having an attitude of gratitude will skyrocket your overall happiness

Start this ritual today. You can thank me later.

9. Get a second opinion

Just do it.

10. Get out of your comfort zone

I like to compare this one with a high-risk investment because often there is a high reward. These long-term investments, in yourself, are long-term and life-changing.

11. Travel

Go! I have been so fortunate to have afforded the opportunity to work abroad for three years. I worked as an Aupair in America fresh out of high school for a year, and after my studies, I was ready to jet set again and worked on the cruise liners for two years. It gave me the freedom to globe trot and see and learn the most magical things. It may seem scary at first, but the value of travel in your twenties is in.cred.i.ble!

12. Get off your damn phone

This is an easy way for me to show respect for the people in my company. It’s an easy gesture. Sometimes there’s more benefit to disconnecting.

13. If you don’t like it, change it

You don’t reserve the right to complain if you have had an opportunity to change what you don’t like. Be the change.

14. Be kind to strangers

We are all in this together.

15. Bad times never last

There is no reason to over complicate life. It’s pretty simple if you give your self a chance to breathe, think of all your options and and to consider the best motion forward.

16. Listen to your body

This one was a biggy for me in my twenties. Learning the self-control to listen and take action is a skill.

17. Stay away from credit cards

Once you catch up with the Johnses, you will pinpoint someone new to keep up with. It’s an endless cycle. Don’t get caught up in having stuff. Plenty of stuff that doesn’t add value to your life.

18. Declutter

Letting go of the items, people or emotions that don’t serve you is liberating. Try it.

19. Is there such a thing as balance?

ha. I’m officially in my thirties and still have not found complete balance.

20. If you can’t think of something kind to say, you are not thinking hard enough

* drops mic

What did you learn in your twenties? If you had one of those ” Oh my goodness, me too!” moments while reading, share which one resonated with you in the comments below.