5 Stocking fillers for the eco-conscious minimalist

Oh the irony! To find the words ‘stocking filler’ and ‘minimalist’ in the same sentence is certainly not seen often. Two years ago I started the Secret Santa tradition with my family where we bought only one person a gift with a pre-decided budget. It did not include the tiny tots of course. This way, we were able to spend our time searching for one special gift as opposed to falling into a mad panic about what to buy every individual. Because let’s face it, sometimes that means buying gifts for over 20 people. Yikes!
This year, we will be doing stocking fillers and I have got some great options for these!

If you are looking at my top picks for this Christmas, please remember to think carefully about whether these items would add value or simply create clutter for the person who will be receiving them. Some people prefer to receive an experience. Everybody appreciates a well-thought-out gift. Although I love each and every item below, it may not be the next person’s idea of a Merry Christmas.

And here they are…

1. byCARA necklace

These look effortless, are modern and minimalist. The crescent moon collection is by far my favourite and any girl would love to have an essentials piece that is basic yet edgy. These ones are from byCARA and are simply g-g-g-gorgeous. Yes, please!


2. Eco-friendly string bag

I adore these Meg bags from Summah. If you are looking for ways to live sustainably, this is your guy! This netted bag can go shopping with you when buying fresh produce in stores or organic markets and can carry a hefty number of items. This helps you to avoid using single-use plastic bags and lowers your carbon footprint. Both functional and pretty. Hashtag winning!


3. 100% natural soaps

I use to think that buying soaps were for the old fogies but hey, I clearly wasn’t using the good stuff. These soaps can be bought at MASH Boutique and are mostly locally manufactured. Be careful not to get side-tracked by the gorgeous baskets instore.


4. Five-Minute Journal

This one may not be sourced locally but will be equally appreciated if found in your stocking. Journalling has shown to develop positivity, boost productivity, increase mindfulness and improve your overall happiness. Does anybody want to find a little bit of that in their stocking this year? I’m sure we all do which makes this one a great gift. And it only takes 5-minutes. Who knew!


5. GrayDawn dress

Sewn by two sisters who grew up in the Eastern Cape, these dresses have a simple and clean design. It is perfect as a wardrobe essential with natural fabrics that are locally sourced. A GrayDawn dress or any of their clothing essentials are ideal if you are starting your very own capsule wardrobe with minimalist design. You can’t go wrong with this one.


BONUS: Calendar

Functional, practical and oh-so-stunning! Taryn Long Design is a boutique graphic design studio that focuses on more than just stationery but their calendars are clean and minimalist. Every grown adult uses a calendar which makes this one a goodie.


If you have any ideas for stocking fillers, pop them in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!