How to save bucks this holiday

Want to save a few bucks this holiday? Me too! It isn’t called silly season for no reason. Here are a few tips and tricks that have helped me stay sane over the holiday season. Got another helpful hint? Leave a comment below to share your tips.

1. Avoid the shops

By staying away from the shops, we’ll be saving bucks. Outa sight is outa mind, right? Simple as that!

2. Don’t get caught up in ‘specials’

Advertising has us believing that we need the products they are selling. All the subconscious messages being sent to us through social media and adverts even have us creating a need after seeing the product (it should be the other way around). Don’t confuse your needs with your wants.

3. Suggest secret Santa

This will save you mega bucks. Promise! Although we may think of our purchases as generous, the reality of the matter is often those gifts are appreciated for a glimpse of a moment. By concentrating on one individual, it allows you the creative space to find a thoughtful gift that will be remembered, used and loved. Looking for ideas for those stocking fillers this year? Check out 5 Stocking fillers for the eco-conscious minimalist.

4. Learn to say no

At times, the festive season can swomp that calendar with social commitments that, when added up, cost a helluva lot of money. Learning to say no is a skill worth adopting but can be a challenge over the holidays. This skill is pending and I am a work-in-progress when it comes to this department.

5. Stay at home

This is a great time to become a homebody. Especially if you’ve had a busy year. Get started on that DIY project you’ve been putting off or read that book you’ve had no time to read during the year.

6. Invite friends to do free activities

If you live in a beautiful city like myself, there are plenty of options. Beach walks, mountain hikes, doggy play dates, champagne sunsets, sea swims, the list goes on.

7. Don’t spend your 13th cheque before it’s in your account

This one is a tricky one because we deserve to spoil ourselves, right? Absolutely! Another way of seeing it though, if you had to save those 13th cheques for only 3 years in a row, how much would you have saved? Do the math. Seems appealing, doesn’t it?

8. Give yourself a reasonable spending limit

December isn’t known to be the silly season for nothing. We definitely spend more money over this time. By finding a reasonable spending limit and sticking to it, you’ll become more conscious of your purchases and will learn very quickly how to prioritize your spending.