How are vegans, vegetarians + pescetarians different?

This question is one that Jay and I get A LOT. For some, this question is easily answered from exposure to information through recipe books, reading food labels or simply through showing an interest when people in their social circles have chosen to eat consciously. For others, it’s a new phenomenon that has snuck onto restaurant menus without much explanation.

Eating consciously is simply an approach toward eating that intends to be mindful of the foods we choose to nourish the body.
Equipped with the correct information and the increasing number of plant-based eaters, it’s no wonder the number of plant-based products are filling the shelves and are even making headway in our popular restaurants. This totally excites me!

I like to keep things simple when explaining the difference between, pescetarian, vegetarian and vegan. It’s easier to explain them by mentioning what they all choose NOT to eat since the list is insanely short and it is essentially the easiest way to differentiate between the three as well.

Let’s begin with the vegetarian…


A vegetarian has eliminated all red meat, poultry AND fish from their diets. They eat everything else.


Pescetarians do not eat poultry or red meat.
A pescetarian is similar to a vegetarian but they INCLUDE fish in their diet.


A vegan avoids all animal by-products which includes eggs, milk, meat, poultry, fish, honey e.t.c
They focus on consuming nutrient-rich

I have recently learnt about another alternative called FLEXITARIAN. This seems relatively self-explanatory and is simply a plant-based diet with the occasional inclusion of meat while remaining mindful and focusing on whole foods.

The most commonly asked questions for vegans, vegetarians and pescetarians are;

  • Where do you get your protein from?
    Quick answer: Almonds, eggs, oats, beans, lentils, broccoli, spinach, soy (the list goes on…)
  • Where do you get your calcium from?
    Quick answer: Foods rich in calcium are dark leafy greens, seeds, tahini, soya, pulses, dried fruit (and the list goes on…)
  • Where do you get your Omegas from?
    The quick answer: Nuts, seeds, Plant oils and acai.